TurtleCoin (TRTL) is a self-funded open-source cryptocurrency that focuses on fast transactions, privacy, mass adoption and decentralization. TurtleCoin has a slow emission curve with the block reward decreasing gradually over time and has the same units of account as the US dollar - 100 divisible units (shells) per coin. The coin has been forked from Bytecoin, with implementations  borrowed from Monero and is ASICs (Application-specific integrated circuit) resistant.

Overview and History Edit

Originally, the project was announced on 4chan forum's /biz section on 09 December 2017 and about 6 weeks later on Bitcointalk forum. According to the tale of the founding, the project was created by Rocksteady and Bepop when the two were discussing the plethora of fake ICOs at that time. The coin was launched without a whitepaper and still does not have one. The main intention behind the TurtleCoin project was to start with a fun project like Dogecoin, make it as simple and accessible as possible.
The coin is known for it's active community on Discord chat server, with updates published on Medium every week. TurtleCoin, as of 11 February 2019 has a total of 35 forks, largest after Bytecoin and Monero.

Uses Edit

Trading physical, tangible items and services in exchange for TurtleCoin takes place on online communities such as Discord and Reddit. trtlbotplusplus is a cryptocurrency transaction service used on the Discord community chat which allows users to tip TurtleCoins to other users using Discord commands. TwitchTurtle, a service on the platform, is a streamlabs-integration system, which allows users to accept tips while streaming with TurtleCoin. TurtlePay™ is a payment processing service that is designed to help developers and business owners integrate TRTL payments into their existing applications using their public API (Application programming interface). TurtleCoin has also announced TurtleCoin as a Service (TaaS), a Plug and Play service which allows building on-chain apps on the TurtleCoin Network. TaaS  can be integrated using a RESTful API.

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TurtleCoin official website

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